DriverPack Solution 17.11.49 Crack [2023 Latest]

DriverPack Solution 17.11.49 Crack & Serial Key Offline ISO 2023 Download

DriverPack Solution crack is the name of a Russian utility software (in English, of course) that allows its users to install drivers for various parts of PC and laptop computers.
DriverPack Solution 17.11.49 Crack [2023 Latest]
#Parts that this driver set supports:
  1. sound card
  2. graphic card
  3. Network card (regular and wireless)
  4. modem
  5. Webcam
  6. RAM Reader
  7. Printer
  8. scanner
  9. Different motherboard chipsets
  10. monitor
  11. Touchpad
  12. TV card
  13. Game categories
  14. Bluetooth
  15. USB portS

DriverPack Solution Cracked Download

Therefore the way DriverPack Solution works is that by searching in the list of your computer components, it determines all the components that need to be installed or even update the driver. In other words the user can install and update the drivers in two ways, install all or part of the existing drivers. This software obtains the hardware identifier of each component connected to your computer and then compares it with a list of hardware identifiers that it has and if that identifier is available in its database, But it finds out that it can install the driver. However install this part. Interestingly, the Driver Pack Solution software not only supports drivers, but also supports most applications.
Most importantly some of the software that DriverPack Solution supports to update: –
  • 7Zip
  • WinRAR
  • DirectX
  • DotNet
  • Firefox
  • Flash Player
  • Foxit Reader
  • PotPlayer
  • Skype
  • TeamViewer
  • uTorrent
  • Aim

DriverPack Solution Patch Offline

Firstly Unfortunately, most of the software in this list are in Russian. So it is recommended not to update the software through Driver Pack Solution. Because after updating the language, most of the software will be changed to Russian. Secondly one of the interesting and extremely practical and useful features of this driver collection is that if the driver you want is not available in the list of DriverPack Solution drivers, it can help you find the driver you want from the Internet. Moreover search for the hardware ID of the part you want in Internet search engines. Another feature that can be seen in the new versions of this program, which is extremely important, is the support for different laptop models. Unfortunately, the initial versions of this software were not able to identify and install the launchers of some laptops, but according to the makers of this software, the new versions are able to support most popular laptop brands. Some of these brands are Asus, Acer, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu-Siemens, DELL, eMachines, MSI and…

Download DriverPack Solution Free Activated

The interesting thing about DriverPack Solution’s developer team is that its developer team has 3 members: –
Artur Kuzyakov: Programmer
Yuri: Collector of drivers
Maxim: active in the field of IT
A few years ago, an issue was raised among the users of this software, and that was the possibility of a virus without this program, and in this regard, many regular users abandoned the use of this software and published various content on reference sites to other users. They suggested similar drivers. The developer team of DriverPack Solution took a reaction to obtain a trust symbol from Kaspersky so that the driver pack solution can be included in the list of Kaspersky’s trusted programs. So you can use this software without worrying about your computer getting infected. It should be noted that this program has been reviewed by Symantec and has been able to meet the requirements for obtaining Symantec’s trust certificate.

Software similar to Driver Pack Solution:

MCS Drivers Disk, Snappy Driver Installer and SamDrivers are among the softwares that can identify and install drivers offline, but it is interesting to know that most of these softwares are from the database and driver collection. available in DriverPack Solution, so it can be definitely said that Driver Pack Solution is the only complete and offline program for installing drivers, for this reason, only this program is recommended to all users who want to choose a good driver set. The reason why different organizations have released similar programs with changes in this software is that DriverPack Solution is completely free and open source and has received the GNU GPL v2 license (General Use License) from the FSF.

DriverPack Some general features: –

Ability to display complete hardware and software specifications, including CPU model, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, sound card, monitor, hard drive, mouse, keyboard, network card, BIOS version and even CPU temperature, graphics, hard drive and motherboard – Ability to backup drivers, so you can create a backup file of all the drivers installed on your computer after installing the drivers, so that you don’t need to scan, parts, and launcher every time you install Windows on your computer. to identify them. The backup file is made in EXE format and works independently of DriverPack Solution program, so it is suggested to save the backup file in the computer memory or a disk and use it as the automatic startup of your computer.
  • Automatic installation of drivers
  • Support Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely offline
There are two points regarding this version of DriverPack Solution, which is located on the All Driver website:
1- This version is completely offline, so it does not need internet after downloading, and you can use it offline by downloading it once.
2- Unlike some published versions that intend to reduce the size of the program by removing some drivers and making the program incomplete, this version is complete and without manipulation.
3- In order to download the program more easily, it is divided into 12 parts, each of which has 10% recovery, so if there is a defect in the files while downloading the program, you can repair them.

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