IObit Unlocker Crack Free Version + License Key 2022 Download

IObit Unlocker Crack + License Key

IObit Unlocker Crack is a unique piece of software that removes files from the Windows operating system. It solves a variety of issues that prevent data from being transferred from the system as a strong unlocker. When the memory is packed with several files, you may be unable to save the data due to a lack of memory space. As a result, it is important to delete unnecessary data from the computer. As a result, sophisticated skills exist that can erase all of the system’s restricted files, directories, and installed programs.

IObit Unlocker Crack Free Version + License Key 2022 Download

This application gives you access to files and folders to unlock and stop data connections with other operating programs for data eradication. When files are opened in many locations or on multiple computers, they are frequently unable to be erased. In other words, IObit Unlocker License Key restores your data to its original operating state and allows you to delete it with a single click. Furthermore, without spending time, unlock or remove a single or several files.

IObit Unlocker Crack + License Key

When you unlock the files, IObit Unlocker Crack gives you a number of alternatives, such as removing, transforming, renaming, copying, cutting, and so on. There is also a protection module, which guarantees that no illegal orders are entered. Additional options include dragging and dropping files between different positions and saving the current file to your storage. If any data is affected by a virus, this program provides highly developed tools to recover the data.

Although this is the best way for unlocking files, it occasionally fails to open more complicated data. In the main menu, there is a forced mode that immediately unlocks all files. Users may either drag and drop locked files into IObit Unlocker or right-click on the file and choose IObit Unlocker. After you’ve added files to the application, you may unlock them to regain access to them.

Users with no prior technical skills can use IObit Unlocker Crack since it features a drag-and-drop feature. You can choose a specific folder before performing the most appropriate step. The kit uses little memory and might be a useful addition to operating systems with limited RAM. The user gets an easy-to-use interface and may manage folders using IObit Unlocker Crack for Mac. Because it interacts with the utility configuration, the software is compatible with Windows Explorer.

IObit Unlocker Crack + License Key Free Download 2022

The CPU and system memory requirements of IObit Unlocker Download For PC are relatively minimal, so it won’t slow down your computer’s overall performance. We had no problems with the user-friendly interface and functioning during the evaluation process. New users should be able to figure out how to use IObit Unlocker very fast. You can use forced mode if the regular unlocking technique does not work. This option will end any processes that are tied to each other.

The game on this site, IObit Unlocker For Windows, is available in the public domain on the Internet. All programs and games are not available on our website. The files are downloaded straight from the official source when a visitor clicks the Download Now button. (Owner’s Webpage) If any app/game that you feel is your copyright appears on our website and you wish to erase it, QP Download is a severe copyright violation, and we do not encourage any type of copyright infringement. Please get in touch with us. We comply with the DMCA and look forward to working with you. Please see the DMCA/removal conditions listed below. This is again another fantastic program. Malware Fighter by IObit.

IObit Unlocker Full Version Free Download

Because Windows processes or services are still utilizing these files, IObit Unlocker Full Crack they are locked and cannot be accessed until Windows releases them. The Explorer.exe process is one of the biggest offenders, since it blocks files and even external devices like USB drives, making it impossible to properly delete them.

If a file is identified as locked, IObit Unlocker Crack will attempt to identify it; simply exit the software to unlock the file. You may also try just clicking the huge Unblock button to unblock the file. To make the process easier, click the down arrow next to the button. You may then try to unlock the file and delete, rename, copy, or move it by clicking the down arrow next to the button.


  1. Unlock multiple files/folders
  2. IObit Unlocker supports unlocking multiple files or folders at the same time on your desktop or elsewhere.
  3. End all associated processes
  4. When switched to “forced” mode, IObit Unlocker can terminate all associated processes that lock files or folders.
  5. Safe and secure
  6. So is safe and secure, free from viruses, adware, and spyware.
  7. It’s very easy to use: just right click on a locked file or folder to unlock it, or drag and drop files or folders into IObit
  8. Unlocker to unlock it.
  9. You can choose actions to quickly unblock messages. Unlock and Delete, Unlock and Rename, Unlock and Move or
  10. Unlock and Copy to easily continue working with IObit Unlocker.
  11. Unlock Multiple Files / Folders – supports unlocking multiple files or folders on your desktop or elsewhere at the same time.
  12. Kill All Associated Processes – By going into “forced” mode, can kill all associated processes which have locked files or folders.


  1. You can download and activate IObit Unlocker for free.
  2. One-click access, ideal for beginners.


  1. There are no recommendations regarding the dangers of terminating certain programs.
  2. Does not support mobile phone users

System Requirments:

  1. Processor: 1 GHz
  2. RAM: 512 MB
  3. Hard Disk: 500 MB free space
  4. Graphics card: No
  5. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Window

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How to Install?

  1. Download the file
  2. Install it to your device
  3. Follow the installation process
  4. Click Finish to complete the installation
  5. The software is ready to use

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IObit Unlocker Crack is a free program that allows you to unlock all active or locked files to delete, rename or move them. It is not uncommon for applications to leave files open even when not in use. When you try to delete one of these files, Windows displays an error message stating that the file is already in use and will not allow you to access it.                    

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