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Pharaonic | MacOSX Free Download

Pharaonic prepare to embark on a journey of exploration and violence in the Two Lands of Egypt with Pharaonic. The battle system in this superbly awesome and unforgiving RPG is streamlined and challenging, keeping you on your toes while battling for your life.


From the Great Pyramid to the end of the New Kingdom, learn about the ancient pyramids. It is responsible for everything in Egyptian cities, including worship, commerce, and culture, as well as distant cities. He cultivated vast swaths of land along the Nile after seeing how the river assisted in the killing of Egyptians. From the Sphinx to the lamps and libraries in Alexandria, stone has been used to build man-made artifacts. Take good care of your city and watch it burn, crumble, or crash as the economy fails because Greater Egypt’s long monuments were constructed in your honor. Reign from the time of Pharaoh’s birth until his death.

Pharaonic Mac Game Free Download

The first distinction is that you can rule in a variety of challenging circumstances. This is a fantastic game, incredible, but fantastic. This is an excellent alternative for those looking for a city plan or a clever adversary.

Cleopatra + Pharaoh Pharaoh and Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile Resurrection is the topic of this set. Caesar III provided an artist with a painting of a city. The numerous aids not only assist in describing the machines, but they also provide some fascinating and informative details about ancient Egyptian life.
Destroy the mountains and the seas in Egypt and build your favorite cities.
Pharaoh of the Golden Age Gold is a game that allows you to crack the lock on the tomb of the great Pharaoh. We must save the earth from Pharaoh’s curse. Your goal is to please Pharaoh by returning the gold you stole. Discover the secrets of Egypt’s and the world’s foreign lands.

Class of categories:

  1. In the front thigh, there are seven free levels.
  2. Maximum strength with four levels and a total of forty levels
  3. Music effects and CD songs are excellent.
  4. Graphics and graphics in 32 bits.
  5. The best OpenGL game out there.

Prepare to ride with two Egyptian pharaohs accused of committing atrocities. This simple and in-game game includes a familiar combat system that allows you to battle alongside your friends and for your life.

Features of the Game:

  1. Fill in the blanks in your memory and discover what’s going on in the kingdom by speaking with a variety of lively characters.
  2. Battle method that is exhausting, refined, and rewarding.
  3. There are several secondary routes to follow, each with its own set of treasures and traps.
  4. Make use of the Gods’ powers and cast spells to help you on your journey.
  5. Explore an Ancient Egypt riddled with traps and barbaric foes.
  6. With hundreds of pieces of equipment at your disposal, you can fully customize your character.
  7. There are plenty of guns and shields to choose from, each with its own fighting style.
  8. In epic battles full of suspense, take on powerful bosses and their minions.

System Specifications:

In order for this game to run on your operating system, your computer must meet certain requirements.

Minimum Requirements

Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this game

  1. Memory: 2 GB RAM
  2. Graphics: OpenGL 2 Graphics card
  3. Storage: 1 GB available space

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